OrganizationS in Global Education

There are many fantastic organizations to assist educators in implementing global education practices in their classrooms. Here are a few of my favorites.

World Savvy
World Savvy is a great resource for educators at all levels to get inspired and to develop inclusive global education plans for their classrooms. Check out the resources section for Knowledge to Action tools.
Asia Society
The Center for Global Education from Asia Society is a comprehensive site focused on the mission to develop global competence in students so that they have the skills needed for careers in a global era.
National Geographic has many resources for educators who are looking to bring the world to their students through exploration. There is an advanced search function, so you can search for the specific resources that are best for your classroom.
Qatar Foundation International is specifically designed to increase understanding of Arab culture and language learning among educators and students. I was able to take part in a grant through QFI in 2019-20 that included travel to Qatar and Oman, which was integral in developing my understanding of Arab culture, while also providing me with a fantastic network of global educators and QFI staff. The QFI site also contains many resources to utilize in your classroom without traveling.

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