Teach Global Education

Whether you are incorporating global education into your current classroom activities or developing an entire curriculum, you are empowering your students and preparing them for careers that don't even exist yet.  Explore my favorite tools and some ideas below, including some that are specifically tailored to language arts.

International Learning Resources

In addition to the resources listed in Digital Learning Tools, I have used these sites, lists, and strategies to engage and empower my students through global learning.


Local Resources

While rural Nebraska may not have a lot of diversity and access to global resources, we do have more than I realized when I began exploring global education ideas. These organizations can assist with resources, partnerships, and connections.

Global Education Unit & Lesson Plans

The unit plan I created as part of the Teachers for Global Classrooms course is entirely based on a unit that I had done many times before in my 12th grade composition course. I simply updated the focus of the project to include the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and increased student engagement through interest and local action. Check out my full plan.

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